Bit Wizardry

This is the companion web-site to the session on Bit Wizardry conducted by Shilp Gupta at VJTI college, Mumbai on the 4th of February, 2011. You may download the slides for this presentation from HERE.

This talk was part of the CodeChef Go For Gold Initiative that encourages participation in programming contests by college students and professionals alike.

Online Interpreters:
Online Base Conversion:
  1. Warmup: Decimal to Binary conversion
  2. Let's talk business: Sieve of Eratosthenes
  3. It's getting interesting: The next number in the sequence
  4. What could be better than a game to end it? Cellsweeper
  5. Red herring: Not so fast mister (or miss)
Online Resources (help/manuals/tutorials):
  1. Hacker's Delight
  2. A bit of fun: fun with bits (Topcoder tutorial)
  3. Binary Indexed Trees
  4. Bitwise operators in C++
  5. Low-level Bit-Twiddling Hacks by The Aggregate